9피트짜리 부처님 그림과 함께 Myanmar Mrauk-U의 무너진 탑에서 발견되어 모셔진 "부처님 치사리"입니다.


According to Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha left 40 tooth relics to future generations to be worshipped. Among them, four tooth relics were conveyed to the Dragon King, the lord of the Nat Devas (Dhajia Min), Kandra (now Sri Lanka) and Kalika (now China). The rest of the 36 tooth relics were scattered to the present human world.

During the distribution of Buddha's relics, two monks, Gawunpadi and Kuthlayone delivered a few tooth relics to several other monks. One of the tooth relics, from the lower left side of Buddha's jaw, was received by the monk named Buhala and conveyed to the Rakhine State (Arakan) in what is known as Myanmar today.


Buddha's Seven Coloured Relics

At that time King Mahasandra (Weidali Dynasty) built a pagoda situated on the mountain called Bagan and that particular Buddha's tooth relic was enshrined in it. The pagoda was subsequently named Bagan Pagoda and was estimated to have been built some 2,300 years ago near Mrauk-U.

When the pagoda collapsed in 1980 due to natural wear and tear from the elements, an abbot of Mrauk-U discovered the Buddha tooth relic together with a 9-feet Buddha Image and other Buddha images made by lead mixed with earth and soil.




When the abbot compared it with a100-year old tooth relic that already existed in his monastery, to his surprise, he discovered that it was similar to the famous tooth relic from Sri Lanka. He immediately realized the significance of the new find.

Today, Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple (GPBT) is fortunate to be a custodian of this particular tooth relic as a gift from the abbot who discovered it in Myanmar. The abbot of GPBT, Venerable Shi Fazhao, attributes this rare chance to merits that GPBT gained in the process of rebuilding temples in Bagan, Myanmar

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